400 Powerful Questions To Ask Yourself Daily

Introspection is not an easy task however it is vital if you are willing to improve yourself. The more questions you ask yourself, the more you will know what type of person you are. You might think you know everything about yourself but I doubt you ask yourself a lot of deep questions on a daily basis. Once you start answering some of the questions below, you might think, hey I never even thought about it. Asking yourself a lot of questions will raise your self-awareness and help you to get to know yourself. If there is something you have trouble answering, that is fine. This means it is time to start thinking about some aspects of your life. Here are the 400 powerful questions to ask yourself daily:

  1. Where do I want to be in the next one, five or ten years?
  2. Do I like my job?
  3. Who are the people who believe in me?
  4. Do I know and value my personal assets?
  5. Where am I living right now – the past, future or present?
  6. What bad habits do I want to get rid of?
  7. Am I a better person today than I was yesterday?
  8. What is does my inner dialogue look like?
  9. In what ways am I contributing to the world?
  10. Where do I have a “lack” mentality?
  11. What is my ideal home like?
  12. Where will I end up after I die and what is going to happen to me?
  13. Am I comfortable in my own skin?
  14. What do I hope to achieve in life?
  15. Who are the people who have achieved similar goals as mine and can I learn from them?
  16. Do I feel good?
  17. Do I value being in a committed relationship?
  18. What am I most passionate about?
  19. Who is the one person that I can call if something happens to me?
  20. Are my actions guided by love or by fear?
  21. When was the last time I felt beautiful?
  22. What makes me sad?
  23. Is anxiety something that ruins most of my days?
  24. If I have one minute left to live, what would you do?
  25. When is the last time I did something outside of my comfort zone?
  26. What will people say about me at my funeral?
  27. What is my ideal life partner like?
  28. Am I comfortable talking to my family members about my feelings?
  29. Am I afraid of letting others get close to me? And if so, why?
  30. What do I think about when I am alone?
  31. What is the purpose of my life?
  32. Do I treat myself with love and respect?
  33. What is something that represents me (symbol, animal, song) and why?
  34. Who are the 2 people I spend the most time with?
  35. What has been my biggest mistake so far?
  36. What does your ideal day look like?
  37. What are my values?
  38. Do I get enough appreciation from my family members?
  39. Am I getting enough exercise?
  40. What is one thing I love the most about myself?
  41. How can I change someone’s life for the better?
  42. What am I doing on a daily basis to progress towards my life goal?
  43. What do I want to be remembered for?
  44. What are the top 5 things that bring a smile to my face?
  45. What moment changed my life forever?
  46. What tasks should I stop doing?
  47. Am I uncomfortable talking to people I have just met?
  48. When was the last time I told myself “I love you”?
  49. When was the last time I gave up on a goal and why did it happen?
  50. How do I leave my mark wherever you go?
  51. Can I be alone without feeling lonely?
  52. Do I feel guilty if I put my needs in the first place?
  53. Am I giving enough attention to people I care about?
  54. How much sleep am I getting every night and do I do anything to improve the quality of my sleep?
  55. Would any of this matter if I were to die tomorrow?
  56. What is something that you cannot live without?
  57. What do you do for fun?
  58. What is your favorite movie and why?
  59. How am I strengthening my personal characteristics?
  60. Is my health helping or harming me?
  61. If I could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  62. If I could go back and change one part of my life, what would it be?
  63. Do I take things too personally?
  64. What would I do if I were fearless?
  65. If I could make one change in the world, what would it be and why?
  66. What excites me so much that I can keep being focused on it for hours?
  67. How many activities am I busy with that delude me into thinking I am actually accomplishing something?
  68. What is my dream career?
  69. If someone tells me I’m not good enough, how would I respond?
  70. What do I want people to say about me at my funeral?
  71. Do you respond to interview questions with memorable or boring answers?
  72. How often do I complain?
  73. How often do I take on other people’s problems as if they were my own?
  74. What would I do differently if I knew nobody would judge me?
  75. What is one failure that I have turned into my greatest lesson?
  76. How often do I spend time and energy taking care of myself versus taking care of other people?
  77. What advice would I give to my younger self?
  78. What can I do today to live a better life tomorrow?
  79. Do I think I’m doing something valuable with my life?
  80. Is there someone who has hurt me before and I need to forgive them?
  81. When was the last time I solved a tough problem and what did I learn from it?
  82. If I were to describe 3 things I’m grateful for right now, what would they be?
  83. How many people do I plan to meet on my journey who can improve my life?
  84. Who has completely lost my respect?
  85. How am I using distractions to avoid facing something?
  86. How much do I worry about what others think?
  87. What am I struggling against that I can simply let go of?
  88. Am I comfortable saying “no” to people?
  89. When was the last time I told myself I did a great job?
  90. How would I describe myself?
  91. What needs do I have that are not being met?
  92. What am I doing that makes no sense to me?
  93. How comfortable am I with my mortality?
  94. Do I believe I am responsible for my own happiness?
  95. What is something I love doing even if I am exhausted? 
  96. What would I be doing if I had six months to live?
  97. How do I express gratitude?
  98. When was the last time I made a new friend?
  99. How could I be more engaged in life?
  100. Do I love myself?
  101. When was the last time I did something that made me feel scared?
  102. What investment am I doing in my relationships?
  103. What am recognized as being the best at?
  104. How often do I apologize even when I did nothing wrong?
  105. What am I doing to reduce my stress?
  106. What things do I value in life?
  107. What makes me tired on a daily basis?
  108. How am I maintaining self-love?
  109. When was the last time I said I love you to someone and I really meant it?
  110. Have I ever accomplished a goal but I did not feel fulfilled?
  111. In what my impatience to see the outcome is preventing me from enjoying the process?
  112. How do I respond to challenges which test my limits?
  113. What is the most important thing in my life?
  114. How many of my goals could be reached if I put some energy into prioritizing and organizing everything?
  115. How much control do I have over my physical health?
  116. What stresses me out the most?
  117. What drains my energy and what can I do about it?
  118. What nice things can I do for someone else today?
  119. When was the last time I read a book that influenced me in some way?
  120. What behaviors are preventing you from making progress towards becoming the best version of yourself?
  121. What do I feel are my two biggest weaknesses?
  122. What has my intuition been telling me and what I might be ignoring all the time?
  123. What questions do I avoid asking myself?
  124. What are my five strengths I am proud of?
  125. How long does it usually take for me to get back on track after I fail?
  126. What am I doing daily or monthly to improve myself?
  127. What tasks am I procrastinating?
  128. What events from my past are preventing me from living in the present?
  129. If someone tells me a compliment, how do I usually respond?
  130. What do I lie to myself?
  131. What are my fears?
  132. How do I take care of my body?
  133. In what ways am I allowing fear of change to hold me back from self-growth?
  134. What qualities do I admire in others?
  135. Does my presence add value to people around me?
  136. Is my social circle influencing my life in a positive way?
  137. What are my hopes?
  138. What do I hate?
  139. What are 5 things that are important to me?
  140. What type of person do I want to become?
  141. What distracts me from really living?
  142. Am I on the right path?
  143. Do I feel independent?
  144. What relaxes me?
  145. What are the values that I hold nearest to my heart?
  146. What are 3 things I am proud of in your life?
  147. Am I spending a lot of time on things that aren’t my priorities?
  148. What does my eating pattern look like?
  149. Am I growing mentally day-to-day?
  150. Am I being financially irresponsible?
  151. How is the “public me” different from the “private me”?
  152. Am I generous?
  153. What do I need to do to take a big step in my personal growth?
  154. What skills do I think I need to have a successful relationship with?
  155. How important is my own happiness?
  156. What parts of my home reflect who I am?
  157. Is it more important to be liked by others or to be yourself and why?
  158. What do I want people to think and say about me?
  159. What is does my ideal day at work look like?
  160. What makes me angry?
  161. Am I doing anything to achieve the goals that I set for myself?
  162. What has my heart been telling me that I am ignoring?
  163. Have I ever lied to anyone?
  164. Am I facing my demons?
  165. What scares me that I can do today?
  166. How comfortable am I with having a difficult conversation with someone?
  167. What will happen if I continue living this way?
  168. What do I hope to achieve in life?
  169. What do I believe is the meaning of my life?
  170. Am I a pleasant person to be around?
  171. Who has had the greatest impact on my life?
  172. What is the first step I can take to improve my life?
  173. In what ways have I grown as a person in the last year?
  174. Is it more important to love or be loved?
  175. How important is my health to me and why?
  176. What does success mean to me?
  177. What parts of my life do not reflect my true self?
  178. Do things that are out of my control stress me out?
  179. Do I believe that my destiny is pre-determined or everything is in my own hands?
  180. How do I want others to see me?
  181. Am I taking care of myself physically?
  182. How confident am I in my ability to make serious decisions?
  183. What are my blind spots?
  184. How am I feeling right now?
  185. If I had 1 million dollars, what would I do?
  186. Am I content with life in general?
  187. When was the last time I laughed very hard?
  188. Should I stay in the same career all my life?
  189. What are the biggest things you have learned overall?
  190. What opportunities am I looking for?
  191. Am I putting enough effort into my personal relationships?
  192. What does unconditional love mean to me?
  193. What is something that is true for me no matter what others think?
  194. What has surprised me the most about my life or life in general?
  195. Where am I not being honest with myself and why?
  196. Was there ever a point where I felt like giving up but I kept going?
  197. What am I planning to do in the next 6 months to get better in my career?
  198. Where is my career leading me to?
  199. Do I enjoy my own company?
  200. Am I a good example for those around me?
  201. Who is that one person I can talk to about anything?
  202. What is preventing me from being truly happy right now?
  203. Am I having negative thoughts before I fall asleep?
  204. What is my number-one priority right now?
  205. Am I living true myself?
  206. When was the last time I did something nice for myself?
  207. How do I feel about my parents?
  208. Whatever I am doing right now, is it my #1 goal?
  209. Am I taking anything for granted?
  210. How often do I have positive experiences compared to negative experiences?
  211. Am I comfortable with being uncomfortable?
  212. What are the top activities that I dedicate my time to and it makes me feel productive?
  213. What are the best and worst things about getting old?
  214. Do I have any regrets that I cannot forget?
  215. When was the last time I heard the words ‘I love you’?
  216. What is my moral compass when it comes to making serious decisions?
  217. How can I plan my day so I become unstoppable?
  218. What is something that always makes me ask WHY?
  219. How would my life be if I were an expert in my field of interest?
  220. Do feel like I am in control?
  221. Where will my life be in one, five or ten years if I keep doing whatever I am doing now?
  222. How would I answer the question “I’ll be happy when…”?
  223. Am I managing my time?
  224. How can I start creating my ideal career starting today?
  225. Do I enjoy learning new things?
  226. How meaningful is my work?
  227. If money was not an issue, would I still be in my current job?
  228. Do I see people as they are or I create the wrong images about them?
  229. How can I get better at what I do?
  230. How do I feel about growing old someday?
  231. How is my relationship with money?
  232. What new things am I learning right now?
  233. What is the one activity that fills me with joy?
  234. Do I realize I am the only person who should value my time?
  235. When was the last time I let myself cry a lot?
  236. What activities make me feel engaged?
  237. How am I living by not following my core values?
  238. Do I accept that happiness often requires some action from my side?
  239. Where takes most of my attention right now?
  240. What helped me regain my motivation in the past when I had lost it?
  241. What can I do today that will help me to express my true self?
  242. What do I believe is possible for me?
  243. What stops me from cutting out negative things from my life?
  244. If a relationship makes me miserable, do I stay or leave?
  245. What am I doing to increase my happiness?
  246. How adaptable am I?
  247. Am I spending any time improving my character?
  248. What is it the most important that I do?
  249. What am I most afraid to lose?
  250. Is there anything I am running away from?
  251. How often do I tell myself that I cannot do something?
  252. Do I have the courage to take full responsibility for everything I do or think?
  253. What impact does my parents’ relationship have on my view of relationships?
  254. How can I make the Universe a better place?
  255. What does a “happy life” look like in my mind?
  256. What is my ideal birthday?
  257. When was the last time I felt really disappointed and how did I manage to overcome it?
  258. What three valuable activities did I accomplish today?
  259. What do I think about myself?
  260. What is something that I would make a scene about?
  261. How important is marriage for me and for what reasons?
  262. Am I willing to make compromises in a relationship or I will wait for the other person to compromise?
  263. What makes the way I perceive the world unique?
  264. What type of worker am I among colleagues?
  265. Which of my talents am I most proud of?
  266. How do I go about making difficult decisions in life?
  267. If I was a superhero, who would I be and why?
  268. How do I bring happiness to other people’s lives?
  269. What would I say to my 1-year future self?
  270. Which situation hurts me the most and which one makes me feel good?
  271. Who do I need to do to be happy at my work today?
  272. What are the 3 most important things I look for in relationships in my current stage of life?
  273. What is my ideal physical look?
  274. What is the one thing I could do now that will have a great impact on my success next year?
  275. What words do I use the most often towards myself?
  276. Do I care how my life looks or how it feels inside?
  277. Do I believe that I am worthy of good things like love or happiness?
  278. What would I do if today was my last day?
  279. When does an ideal life with my partner look like?
  280. When was the last time I found hope in a bad situation?
  281. What’s my career goal for the next 5-10 years and how is it connected to my goal in life?
  282. What are the deal-breaker factors in a relationship?
  283. What have I promised someone to do but I do not want to do and why?
  284. Am I living a lifestyle that supports my physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing?
  285. If there was an apocalypse tomorrow, how long would I last?
  286. What traits of a good leader do I have?
  287. Would my friends describe me as a positive personality?
  288. Do I want to have children and why?
  289. What are my greatest skills?
  290. How will my life be different in one year?
  291. If you could accomplish one thing before I die, what would it be?
  292. What are the top 3 lessons I learned from my past relationships?
  293. What qualities do I value the most in a partner?
  294. What am I bad at?
  295. What am I good at?
  296. What do I hope never changes?
  297. How do I feel about being a housewife?
  298. What is my way of showing love for my family?
  299. What compliment do I like to hear the most?
  300. What can I accept that I cannot change?
  301. What did I do today that you should not do tomorrow?
  302. What limiting beliefs am I holding on to?
  303. How would I want other people to perceive me?
  304. Am I giving the people I value most enough time and attention?
  305. How satisfied am I with the relationships that I have with the members of my family?
  306. What added things am I doing each day that has no value?
  307. Do I accept that happiness does not always last long and something negative always comes up?
  308. How am I feeling about this day ahead?
  309. What consumes my time that is not making any money?
  310. Where is my favorite place to visit?
  311. Who am I most jealous of and why?
  312. What have I given up on?
  313. What 5 things would I like to change most about myself?
  314. What legacy am I leaving after I am gone?
  315. How do I resolve conflicts between myself and family members?
  316. Have I made someone smile today?
  317. How can I achieve my priorities more quickly?
  318. Am I pursuing what I want?
  319. What was my favorite TV show when growing up and what impact did it have on me?
  320. What qualities do I want to embody?
  321. Do I speak up when I feel I do not deserve something?
  322. Do I have the qualities of a good friend?
  323. Am I happy?
  324. What do I need to change in my social relationships?
  325. What small steps can I take to show that I am serious about loving myself?
  326. What inspires me?
  327. Have I done anything lately that is worth remembering?
  328. What is the secret I would never tell anybody and why?
  329. What qualities do I admire about others?
  330. Is it more important to be honest and hurt someone or lie and not hurt someone?
  331. Would I break the law to save a family member?
  332. Do I prefer socializing with a large group of friends or talk one on one?
  333. If I died today, how would I want to be remembered?
  334. What’s the most thrilling thing I have done?
  335. How well do I communicate my needs in relationships?
  336. Where would I spend all my time if I had the chance?
  337. What was the most important thing I did today?
  338. How much sleep do I need?
  339. What is the one thing I want others to remember about me at the end of my life?
  340. What is my favorite part of my life right now?
  341. In what ways do I show love for myself?
  342. What gave me the most joy today?
  343. What does “having a good time with friends” look like for me?
  344. What are some events in my life that made me who I am?
  345. Have I actually controlled the course my life has taken?
  346. What is the hardest lesson I have learned?
  347. What caused me the most inner conflict today?
  348. What do I spend the most time thinking about during the day?
  349. Am I aware of what psychological defense mechanisms I use to misinterpret different situations?
  350. Am I making my life more complicated than it is?
  351. How can I help someone today?
  352. What is my favorite time of the year and why?
  353. Is it better failing or never trying at all?
  354. What are the healthy habits I would like to develop in the next 6 months?
  355. What is a long shot I have taken that has paid off?
  356. Do I ever do more than I said I would do?
  357. What do I wish I did more of?
  358. Would I steal to feed a starving child?
  359. What was the hardest loss I have ever experienced?
  360. What is a hobby that I wish I could do?
  361. Do my actions maintain a good balance of my heart and my head?
  362. When was the last time I had a frustrating situation and what did I do?
  363. Do I accept my friends’ opinions or beliefs?
  364. Would I trust my friends with my life?
  365. What chance of fate changed my life forever?
  366. Am I taking responsibility for the state of my life?
  367. What will be my biggest regret if it was my last day tomorrow?
  368. How did I add value to myself today?
  369. What am I making excuses not to do?
  370. What do I believe to be a good life?
  371. What drives me?
  372. What am I tired of hearing about?
  373. How much time do I spend talking versus listening?
  374. Do I help my friends to solve their problems?
  375. Do I need to practice mindfulness? 
  376. What are my boundaries in a friendship?
  377. Have I ruined a relationship I cared about?
  378. Do I bring positivity to my friendships?
  379. Am I behaving authentically?
  380. Do I have any friendships that are draining me?
  381. What am I most insecure about?
  382. Does my life routine serve my highest values?
  383. What type of friend do I want to be?
  384. What do I need to let go of?
  385. How can I make my life more meaningful, starting today?
  386. What traits of leadership do I need to work on?
  387. How do I show appreciation for my friends?
  388. Who are the most important people in my life?
  389. What do I do to feel alive?
  390. If I could go back and fix a relationship with someone, who would it be and why?
  391. How does my being here can change humanity for the better?
  392. How do I define the meaning of joy?
  393. Do I need to clear anything up?
  394. What part of my life do you miss the most?
  395. Am I being someone I am not just because others expect it of me?
  396. Are my friends or family members enabling me or holding me back?
  397. What is the biggest obstacle standing between me and a health goal?
  398. What risks do I believe are worth taking?
  399. If I could change one thing about myself, what would it be and why?
  400. How do I show support for family members even if I do not agree with them?

Did you find these questions helpful? Did they excite you or bore you? Would you add any more questions I probably miss out on?

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