Ride or Die: The Best Thelma and Louise Quotes to Share with Your BFF

Ride or Die: The Best Thelma and Louise Quotes to Share with Your BFF

How BFF Thelma and Louise Quotes Can Help You Celebrate Friendship

There’s something exhilarating about driving along the open road with your best friend by your side. The wind in your hair, the sun shining down on you and your trusty car carrying you forward into adventure. It’s the kind of feeling that Thelma and Louise captured perfectly in their iconic 1991 film – a journey of self-discovery, friendship, and ultimately, freedom.

Whether you consider yourself a Thelma or a Louise (or perhaps a bit of both), there is no denying that this dynamic duo has captured the hearts of millions around the world. And it’s not just because they were played to perfection by Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis – it’s because their story touched on something deep within our own psyche.

At its core, Thelma and Louise was about friendship – two women who support each other through thick and thin, who refuse to let society dictate their lives or define their value as human beings. And in today’s world, where friendships can be transient and fleeting, it’s essential to celebrate the ones that mean something truly special.

So what better way to do this than through some classic Thelma and Louise quotes? Here are just a few examples of how these timeless words can help us commemorate our most treasured friendships:

– “You get what you settle for.”

In many ways, this is one of the most important lines in the entire movie. Thelma reminds Louise that they shouldn’t let anyone else define their worth or accept less than they deserve from life. This applies equally well to friendships – why settle for anything less than real connection and genuine support? Hold out for someone who will lift you up instead of dragging you down.

– “Somebody finally asking me to dance…and it’s somebody who can really dance!”

This joyful line sums up how we feel when we find that true connection with another person. When we meet someone who ‘gets’ us, who shares our sense of humor and our quirks, it’s like having a perfect dance partner for life. Cherish those moments and enjoy every step you take together.

– “You’re the only one I trust enough to deliver it”

The famous line when Louise hands Thelma her gun is a poignant reminder that true friendship means trusting each other implicitly. It’s about knowing that your best friend has your back no matter what – even in the most challenging of situations.

– “I feel awake…wide awake. I don’t ever remember feeling this awake.”

This quote speaks to the transformative power of friendship – how being with someone else can awaken parts of ourselves we didn’t even know existed. When we have a best friend who supports and encourages us, we can be our best selves – confident, energized and truly alive.

At its heart, Thelma and Louise was a love story between two friends. They celebrated each other, they lifted each other up, and they refused to let anyone else define their worth or value. And so it is with any true friendship – let’s celebrate the Thelmas and Louises in our lives today!

Step-by-Step: Incorporating Thelma and Louise Quotes into Your BFF Rituals

Do you and your best friend have a special bond that can only be described through Thelma and Louise quotes? Maybe you quote the iconic line “Let’s keep going” before embarking on an epic road trip or use “you get what you settle for” to push each other towards achieving your dreams. Whatever the case may be, incorporating Thelma and Louise quotes into your BFF rituals is a fun way to celebrate your friendship.

Step 1: Choose Your Favorite Quotes
Before starting on this journey of Thelma and Louise-inspired BFF rituals, it’s important to choose your favorite quotes from the movie. Whether it’s “involuntary park ranger” or “let’s not forget we’re outlaws,” make sure these quotes embody the spirit of your friendship. To make things easier, write them down in a notebook or create a Pinterest board dedicated solely to Thelma and Louise quotes.

Step 2: Plan a Road Trip
A road trip is practically a rite of passage for any true BFF duo, so why not take some inspiration from our favorite outlaw friends? Choose a destination together that suits both of your interests (whether it’s hiking in Yosemite or exploring Napa Valley) and plan out stops along the way based on iconic scenes from Thelma and Louise! For example, stop by The Silver Bullet Bar & Restaurant in Utah – AKA where they famously blew up Darryl’s money – or visit Horseshoe Bend in Arizona where they took their infamous jump into the Colorado River.

Step 3: Dress Up as Thelma & Louise
To really channel those bad-ass energy vibes during your road trip, throw on some matching costumes! You could rock blue jeans, cowboy boots, leather jackets with aviator sunglasses like Thelma & Louise themselves OR you could get creative with it! Make DIY T-shirts with iconic quotes printed on them along with some homemade cowboy hats to really get into the spirit of things.

Step 4: Get in Character
As you travel down long stretches of highway, revel in your newfound Thelma and Louise personas. Take on their fearless attitudes and take turns quoting your favorite lines from the movie. Better yet, create your own Thelma and Louise-inspired scenarios along the way! For example, maybe pull a “hold on a minute” moment when something unexpected pops up or share some words of wisdom ending with “I’ll always love you.”

Step 5: End Your Trip In Style
Once your road trip comes to an end (and no driving off cliffs involved), finish it off with a bang! Head to a bar & grill (preferably one where wearing cowboy hats are encouraged) for some celebratory drinks before watching The Grand Canyon sunset together – much like Thelma & Louise did at the close of the film!

In conclusion, there’s nothing wrong with getting caught up in some nostalgia and paying homage to our iconic pop culture characters. Using Thelma and Louise quotes in your BFF rituals is just one fun way to show appreciation for your friendship while also embracing self-discovery, adventure-seeking spirit that we can all relate to. “This is your life,” after all – make it epic!

BFF Thelma and Louise Quotes FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re a fan of friendship movies, chances are you’ve heard of Thelma and Louise. The movie tells the story of two best friends – Thelma, a naive housewife; and Louise, a tough-talking waitress – who embark on an adventure that turns into an escape from the law. Thelma and Louise’s bond throughout the entire movie keeps the audience on their toes as they root for both characters.

Along with their iconic friendship comes a collection of memorable quotes that have become staples in popular culture. Below is our BFF Thelma and Louise Quotes FAQ – everything you need to know about these famous lines.

1. What is the most famous quote from ‘Thelma and Louise’?

The most famous quote from the film has to be “You get what you settle for.” This line encapsulates one of the underlying themes of the story. It encourages women to stand up for themselves, take risks, and not settle for anything less than what they deserve.

2. Which character says “I’m just not like you”?

Thelma utters this line while expressing her belief that she is too sensitive to handle some aspects of their criminal escapade. This moment highlights one way in which humans differ from each other: we all have unique strengths and weaknesses, even among close friends.

3. What does Louise say when asked why she’s never been married?

Louise responds with “I don’t know! Hell if I’m gonna end up like my mother!” This quote shows how societal pressures can influence our decision-making, including living single or being independent.

4. Who says “Incredible! You’ve always had an edge” in ‘Thelma & Louise’?

This compliment was given by Hal Slocumb (played by Harvey Keitel) to his wife, portrayed by Geena Davis as Thelma when he sees her newfound confidence with making decisions against society’s expectations. This exchange sheds light on how compliments can boost confidence and self-esteem.

5. What is the meaning behind the phrase “Let’s keep goin”?

The quote is considered a rallying cry for Thelma and Louise as they continue to make their way from one obstacle to another on their adventure while avoiding the law. The sequence shows how sometimes we need to motivate ourselves when things get challenging, reminding ourselves of our purpose in life!

6. Which character said, “You’re getting better at it”?

This encouraging line was spoken by Louise as she watched Thelma take more control over their situation, proving that friendship not only involves supporting each other but recognizing each other’s accomplishments on personal growth as well.

7. Who says “I don’t remember ever feelin’ this awake”?

Louise exclaims this statement after taking her friend out dancing at a honky-tonk bar – an experience that helps her tap into her happier side despite all their troubles. It illustrates how even on bad days or tense moments, we should still find joy in little things such as good music or fun experiences with friends.

In conclusion, Thelma & Louise have become cultural icons for female-driven storytelling by explicitly examining choices in relationships & romantic partners through sassy dialogue and empowering statements centered around independence; may you take these witty lines away with you after re-watching the movie once again!

Top 5 Facts About the Most Iconic BFF Thelma and Louise Quotes

Thelma and Louise is a movie that has captured the hearts of millions of viewers all around the world. Released in 1991, this American road film quickly became a cult classic and has remained evergreen to date. The friendship between Thelma and Louise portrayed in the film is simply iconic, and it signals an undying commitment to each other as they go through some very tough life-changing circumstances.

The movie contains several memorable lines of dialogue, which fans have grown to love. Here are some interesting facts about the top five most iconic quotes from Thelma and Louise:

1) “You get what you settle for.”
This quote by Thelma shows how people often end up with less than they deserve because they don’t know their worth. It’s a powerful line that encourages viewers to pursue their dreams until they achieve their desired outcomes.

2) “I feel awake…wide awake.”
This memorable line came from Louise, who delivered it with such passion, enthusiasm, and conviction that it still resonates with audiences over twenty years later. Her statement embodies the spirit of living life to the fullest without regrets.

3) “You’re getting on my nerves.”
Thelma blurting this sentence out randomly while she bird-watched was perhaps one of the funniest moments from the entire movie. It highlights her quirky nature as well as her close relationship with her best friend.

4) “Let’s go!”
As simple as this phrase is, its significance cannot be underestimated; This short but powerful phrase paved way for one of cinema’s greatest closing scenes ever successfully tying into the overall message about freedom that runs throughout Thelma & Louise.

5) “Incredible.”
This last word uttered by both characters before tragically driving off cliff-top in a final act of rebellion forever signified their triumph together over oppressive patriarchal system that had seemed unbeatable – it remains one of cinema’s most epic lasts words in cinematic history.

In conclusion, Thelma and Louise did more than present a story of two friends on an unforgettable adventure. It also contained some timeless quotes that have become part of our cultural fabric. From encouraging women to pursue their goals fearlessly to highlighting the beauty of friendship and the importance of cutting loose when you need to, these quotes have stayed with audiences for decades, imparting life lessons and inspiring viewers to live out their dreams courageously.

The Power of Sisterhood: Examining the Impact of BFF Thelma and Louise Quotes

Sisterhood, a bond that transcends all boundaries of race, age, and ethnicity. It is an unbreakable bond that often goes beyond the traditional blood relations of siblings. Women have always been known to create these forces of sisterhood wherever they go. It’s no surprise then that Thelma and Louise Quotes have become part of women’s lives and are revolutionizing what it means to be a woman in 21st Century society.

In 1991, Ridley Scott directed “Thelma & Louise,” a landmark film about two women who take a road trip across America, but unwittingly become fugitives when an act of self-defense leads to them killing a rapist who was attempting to sexually assault Thelma. The film received widespread critical acclaim and garnered six Oscar nominations.

One thing that sets Thelma and Louise apart from other films is its quotes which have solidified themselves as the cornerstone for sororal relationships worldwide. Women draw their inspiration from this film, particularly when it comes to female empowerment through solidarity with one another.

Consider some of the following iconic Thelma and Louise quotes:

– “You get what you settle for.”
– “I don’t ever remember feeling this awake.”
– “We’re having fun yet?”
– “I guess there are just some things you never think about.”
– “This is better than sex.”

It’s not just that these quotations were delivered by some of Hollywood’s most talented actresses (Geena Davis as Thelma and Susan Sarandon as Louise). These lines resonate with so many women because they capture the essences of timeless truths about being women in patriarchal societies.

For example, “you get what you settle for.” Many women accept societal norms around body image or abusive relationships because they think they can’t ask for anything different – but this quote reminds us not to settle.

Likewise, “I don’t ever remember feeling this awake” speaks to the way in which women may have felt hidden or suppressed their whole lives before coming together with other women who understand them.

Overall, it’s Thelma and Louise’s ultimate sacrifice that really drives home the power of sisterhood. As they drive off a cliff towards the end of the film, we know they are saying goodbye to an unfair society that would never accept them as they are: gay, outsiders, and not interested in conforming to traditional gendered roles. They made this final act – killing themselves rather than living life on terms dictated by someone else- because they wouldn’t give up who they were for anyone else.

The “Thelma and Louise” quotes have become a powerful symbol of feminist sisterhood. These lines resonate with so many women because Thelma and Louise captured what it means to be a woman today — living life on your own terms despite societal restrictions. Women around the world often use these quotes as both mottos for everyday challenges faced by women, but also as rallying cries for movements fighting for gender equality.

In conclusion, these iconic quotes remind us that redemption can come from making choices based on our desires versus succumbing to the expectations or restricted options given by society. We must continue to build bridges and create alliances among each other if we hope to further advance towards gender equality. After all, nothing beats the power of having your BFFs always there by your side – just like Thelma & Louise demonstrated time immemorial!

‘Let’s Keep Going’: How BFF Thelma and Louise Quotes Can Inspire Us to Live Fearlessly.

“Let’s Keep Going” – this iconic line from the movie Thelma and Louise continues to inspire us to live fearlessly, take risks and pursue our dreams. These two best friends took on the world in a convertible, giving us lessons about life and friendship along the way. The movie might have been released decades ago, but its relevance and message continue to hold true in today’s times.

Thelma and Louise taught us that one should seize every opportunity that comes their way without worrying about the consequences because you never know where it might lead you. Did they know what adventures awaited them on their road trip? No, but they kept going anyways! There were robberies, car chases, run-ins with law enforcement officers and even losing all of their money. But through it all, they kept pushing forward – trusting each other and their instincts while living for themselves.

Their journey highlighted the importance of unconditional support from best friends towards each other’s aspirations regardless of how big or small they may seem. They encouraged each other when things got tough; offered up ridiculous ideas when one was stuck; backed them up whenever there was any hesitation by providing over-the-top support in hilariously unconventional ways- like sabotaging a pickup attempt at a bar with Lee Harvey Oswald references.

Thelma became empowered and refused to be defined by anyone else’s perception of her long-held role as a wife looking after children at home. Louise found strength within herself she never knew existed following an incident where she defended Thelma against a predator. The movie showed us that sometimes we need that one person who believes in what we can accomplish more than anyone else does which makes all the difference.

The quote “Let’s keep going” was repeated several times throughout the film — reminding us that no matter how scary or difficult a situation gets; pause, take a deep breath, then charge ahead without looking back because there is no turning back once you have made a choice. And that’s what Thelma and Louise did – they kept driving until there was nowhere else to go.

So let’s take some lessons from Thelma and Louise as we navigate through our own lives – be fearless, take risks, cherish your friends who stand by you no matter what, support each other unconditionally, believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to break societal norms or gender roles if it means living life on your terms. Man or woman, young or old — age is just a number if the spirit is willing to keep going, just like Thelma and Louise did.

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Ride or Die: The Best Thelma and Louise Quotes to Share with Your BFF
Ride or Die: The Best Thelma and Louise Quotes to Share with Your BFF
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