10 Hilarious Colin Farrell Horrible Bosses Quotes That Will Solve Your Monday Blues [For Fans and Comedy Lovers]

10 Hilarious Colin Farrell Horrible Bosses Quotes That Will Solve Your Monday Blues [For Fans and Comedy Lovers]

Short answer colin farrell horrible bosses quotes;

Colin Farrell played the character Bobby Pellitt in the 2011 comedy film “Horrible Bosses.” His memorable quotes include “That’s not my desk, that’s my…other desk,” and “You can’t fire me! I’m gonna sue you. And then it’ll be your word against mine, and ‘suck it’ will become ‘why don’t you kiss it?’”

The Step by Step Guide to Finding and Sharing Colin Farrell’s Best Horrible Bosses Quotes

Colin Farrell is one of the most talented and versatile actors in Hollywood, who has impressed audiences with his incredible range and diversity in a wide array of film genres. He has played everything from action heroes to charming romantic leads, but it’s his comedic timing that sets him apart as a truly exceptional performer. In the 2011 hit comedy “Horrible Bosses,” Colin Farrell gave us some of his best performances as the psychopathic boss Bobby Pellitt, leaving us with some hilarious quotes that are too good not to share.

So if you’re a Colin Farrell fan looking for some laughs or just trying to impress your friends with your vast knowledge of pop culture references, here’s a step-by-step guide to finding and sharing Colin Farrell’s best “Horrible Bosses” quotes:

Step 1: Watch the Movie

First things first – if you haven’t seen Horrible Bosses yet, go watch it! You’re missing out on one of the funniest comedies in recent years. Not only will you get some good chuckles out of it, but you’ll also find yourself wanting to re-watch some scenes just to see Colin Farrell’s excellent performance as Bobby Pellitt.

Step 2: Take Notes

Grab a pen and paper (or use your phone) and take notes while watching the movie. Pay special attention to any lines delivered by Colin Farrell as he steals almost every scene he’s in. Write down the jokes that made you laugh out loud or catchphrases that stuck with you after watching it.

Here are some examples of hilarious Bobby Pellitt quotes worth noting:

– “They’re constantly shuffling around their work schedule so they have enough time for all their Chihuahua-sitting responsibilities.”
– “I think I’m allergic to rice. Every time I eat rice I can’t breathe right.”
– “I’d like for Jennifer Aniston to massage my c***k…while I take a s*** on her face.”
– “Let’s not forget, I have three black belts. And a doctorate…from Pepperdine.”
– “I gotta get in shape. Too much sitting has ruined my body. Too much abuse has gone on for too long. From now on, it’s 50 push-ups every morning. No matter what.”

Step 3: Search the Internet

Once you’ve watched the movie and taken some notes, do a quick Google search for “Horrible Bosses quotes” or “Bobby Pellitt quotes.” You’ll find plenty of websites dedicated to compiling movie quotes, so be sure to visit several sources to make sure you’re getting all the material available.

Step 4: Share Them

Now that you’ve found your favorite Bobby Pellitt lines, it’s time to share them with your friends! Post them on social media or send them via text message or email as hilarious responses that will make everyone chuckle.

Here are some ways to share the humor:

– Use Bobby Pellitt’s job interview tips as career advice
– Use his quote about wanting Jennifer Aniston to massage him in response to someone asking for their opinion
– Share his ridicules self-impressions when someone is bragging too much.

The possibilities are endless!

In conclusion, Colin Farrell’s portrayal of Bobby Pellitt in Horrible Bosses brought some of the best comedic moments and one-liners in recent film history that are deserving of sharing with everyone who loves a good laugh. By following these four steps above and sharing Colin Farrell’s best Horrible Bosses Quotes with others far and wide, you’ll shine brighter than diamonds at any party gathering – guaranteed!

Frequently Asked Questions about Colin Farrell’s Infamous Role in Horrible Bosses

Colin Farrell is one of the most talented and versatile actors in Hollywood today, with a career spanning more than two decades. Over the years, he has portrayed a variety of characters, from heroes to villains and everything in between. However, his role as Bobby Pellitt in Horrible Bosses stands out as one of his most memorable performances.

If you haven’t seen Horrible Bosses yet, then you’re missing out on one of the funniest movies ever made. The film follows three friends who decide to take matters into their own hands after they’ve had enough of their terrible bosses. One of those bosses is Colin Farrell’s Bobby Pellitt, a drug-addicted, profanity-spewing CEO who is not exactly known for his leadership skills.

Below are some frequently asked questions about Colin Farrell’s infamous role in Horrible Bosses:

What was it like playing such an unlikeable character?

Colin has said that playing Bobby was both liberating and terrifying at the same time. He enjoyed being able to play a character so different from himself but also felt that he had to find something human about him to make him relatable.

Was it difficult working with all the prosthetics?

Yes! Colin had to wear quite a bit of makeup and prosthetics to achieve Bobby’s “toxic” look, which included receding hairline, large pores, acne scars, rotting teeth and a double chin. It took up to four hours every day just for him to get into character!

Did Colin ad-lib any of his lines?

Yes! In fact, many of Bobby’s funniest lines were improvised by Colin on set. Director Seth Gordon encouraged his actors to try things out and see what worked best for their characters.

What was it like filming the scene where Bobby snorts cocaine off Jennifer Aniston’s cleavage?

According to Colin, filming that scene was “weirdly mechanical”. He recalls feeling more worried about getting the choreography of snorting a line off Jennifer Aniston’s cleavage right than feeling any kind of arousal.

What was it like working with the rest of the cast?

Colin had high praise for his co-stars, saying that they were all extremely professional, talented and supportive. He particularly enjoyed working with Jason Bateman, who he said was “very calm, very confident” on set.

Did Colin know Horrible Bosses would be such a huge success?

According to him, nobody knew how successful the film would be. He said that it wasn’t until he saw the finished product with an audience that he realized just how hilarious it was.

In conclusion, Colin Farrell delivered an unforgettable performance as Bobby Pellitt in Horrible Bosses. It’s a role that showcased his comedic timing and acting chops in a way that few others have. While his appearance may have been grotesque and unappealing, his character was strangely fascinating to watch. Whether you loved or hated Bobby Pellitt, there’s no denying that Colin Farrell gave it his all in what has become one of Hollywood’s most beloved comedies.

Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Colin Farrell’s Hilarious Performance in Horrible Bosses

Colin Farrell’s performance in Horrible Bosses has been widely praised by critics and audiences alike. The talented Irish actor’s comedic chops are on full display in this raunchy, laugh-out-loud comedy. While most fans of the film were blown away by Farrell’s hilarious turn as the coked-up, comb-over sporting Bobby Pellitt, there are still some fascinating facts about his portrayal that you probably didn’t know about.

So sit back and get ready to be entertained and educated at the same time because we’ve got the top 5 facts you didn’t know about Colin Farrell’s uproarious performance in Horrible Bosses:

1) Colin Earned His Role By Complete Chance: You may be surprised to learn that Colin Farrell initially had no interest in taking on the role of Bobby Pellit. In fact, the role was originally offered to another actor who had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts. It was only after director Seth Gordon spotted a photo of Farrell with a terrible comb-over hairstyle that he knew he had found his man for the job.

2) He Did His Own Research For The Role: To ensure his portrayal of Bobby Pellit would hit all the right comic notes, Colin did extensive research into real-life corporate executives who struggled with substance abuse problems. He also spent time with hairstylists and makeup artists perfecting his character’s signature comb-over look.

3) Some Of His Lines Were Improvised: One of the reasons why Farrell’s performance is so undeniably funny is because he was given a lot of creative freedom by director Seth Gordon. Many of his lines were improvised on set, which allowed him to fully embody his character’s bizarre quirks and unpredictable behavior.

4) His Look Was Inspired By Salesmen From The ’80s: According to Colin himself, part of his inspiration for Bobby Pellit came from looking back at photos and videos from salesmen in the ’80s with their over-the-top suits, wide ties, and oversized glasses. He took these elements and dialed them up to 11 for his role as the overbearing and incompetent Bobby.

5) He Nearly Stole The Entire Movie: Although Colin Farrell only appears in a handful of scenes in Horrible Bosses, he manages to steal every single one of them with his manic energy and outrageous antics. His portrayal of Bobby Pellit not only earned him widespread critical acclaim but also helped make Horrible Bosses one of the most memorable workplace comedies of all time.

In conclusion, Colin Farrell’s performance as Bobby Pellit in Horrible Bosses was a riotously funny turn that showcased both his range as an actor and underrated comedic abilities. Whether he was snorting cocaine off his employees’ desks or awkwardly trying to seduce Jennifer Aniston’s character, Farrell delivered some of the movie’s most iconic moments. His dedication to nailing down the smallest details of his character made Pellit feel like a fully realized persona rather than just another crude caricature. And while we may never look at our bosses through quite the same lens again after watching Horrible Bosses, it’s safe to say that Colin Farrell has proved himself once again to be one of Hollywood’s most talented actors – no matter what kind of hairstyle he’s sporting next!

Unforgettable Lines: Favorite Colin Farrell Horrible Bosses Quotes Shared by Fans

Everyone loves a good movie quote, and when it comes to the hilarious film “Horrible Bosses”, Colin Farrell’s character definitely has some unforgettable lines that fans just can’t get enough of!

In the film, Farrell plays Bobby Pellitt, a coke-snorting, womanizing boss who is both despicable and comedic at the same time. His memorable quotes range from politically incorrect jokes to downright absurd comments that will leave you laughing out loud!

One particularly popular line comes after Bobby introduces himself as “Your new chief.” He then adds, “Let me ask you something: Do you guys ever get freaky in the office?” leaving his employees stunned and uncomfortable. It’s this type of crude humor that makes Farrell’s character so entertaining to watch.

Another classic line from Bobby is when he tells his assistant Dale (played by Charlie Day) that he looks like he should be wearing a backpack with wheels on it. It’s such a bizarre insult that it’s hard not to laugh at how ridiculous it is.

But what really sets Farrell’s performance apart is his delivery of these lines. His comedic timing is impeccable, making even the most inappropriate jokes somehow hilarious. He fully embraces his character’s absurdity and brings a sense of lightheartedness to an otherwise dark comedy.

Fans have shared their favorite Bobby Pellitt quotes online, with many agreeing that Farrell stole the show with his performance. Some have even dubbed him the best part of the entire movie!

Overall, Colin Farrell’s portrayal of Bobby Pellitt in “Horrible Bosses” is proof that sometimes being bad can also mean being really funny. His wild antics and unforgettable one-liners make him a character worth watching over and over again. So next time you’re in need of a good laugh, revisit this iconic performance and enjoy all of the hilariously horrible things that come out of Bobby Pellitt’s mouth!

Behind the Scenes with Colin Farrell: Insights on Creating His Memorable Horrible Boss Character

Colin Farrell is known for his astounding acting skills and incredible transformations on screen, and his role as the hilariously despicable boss in the 2011 comedy “Horrible Bosses” was no exception. As we take a look behind the scenes with Colin Farrell, we gain valuable insight into how he created his unforgettable character.

The first thing to note is that this character was completely out of Colin’s usual genre. He had never attempted something quite so comical before, but he took on the challenge with incredible enthusiasm. The idea behind his character Bobby Pellitt was to create a caricatured boss who would make viewers chuckle even amidst all his immoral antics.

One aspect of creating Bobby Pellitt that helped Colin in getting into character was his appearance. His hairline was receding, and he sported a jaw-dropping comb-over that definitively came across as gimmicky yet essential for creating an outlandish character like Pellitt.

Another essential factor in creating Bobby Pellitt was “fearlessness.” This quality did not come naturally for Colin since he usually plays vulnerable or weak characters, but he managed to imbue this characteristic tremendously well in Bobby Pellitt. To achieve this fearlessness required him to dive deep into the essence of his character- understanding why they acted the way they did even when it appeared irrational or immoral.

To bring everything together flawlessly, Colin worked closely with director Seth Gordon, continuously experimenting until everyone involved agreed that it felt right. It came down to figuring what worked best organically through rehearsal scenes since much of their scenes were impromptu.

All these efforts resulted in us witnessing one of the most outrageous examples of what lengths one would go-to if given power without responsibility. Thanks to Colin’s dedication and immense hard work cohesively blended with genuine talent resulted in many gut-busting moments throughout “Horrible Bosses.”

In conclusion, it’s evident that strong preparation like understanding the nuances of a character’s role, experimenting and collaborating closely with directors eventually pays off in creating an unforgettable onscreen performance. Thanks to Colin Farrell, he gave life to Bobby Pellitt, which was one of those iconic roles that will forever be remembered in cinematic history.

From Kindergarten Cop to Horrible Boss: A Look at Colin Farrell’s Impressive Acting Range

When we think of rugged, tough and brooding actors in Hollywood today, Colin Farrell immediately springs to mind. The Irish born actor has given us a myriad of unforgettable on-screen performances, displaying an acting range that knows no bounds.

From his breakthrough role in 2000’s “Tigerland” where he played Private Bozz, to his Golden Globe-winning performance in “In Bruges,” to his creepy turn as the villainous Penguin in “The Batman” (2022), Farrell has proved time and again that he is an actor who can pull off any character with ease.

One of his most memorable roles was undoubtedly in the 1990s comedy classic “Kindergarten Cop.” Farrell played the young student who famously proclaims “boys have a penis, girls have a vagina,” much to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s hilarious discomfort. This early comedic role showcased Farrell’s talent for injecting humor into just about any scene.

But it was his turn as hitman Ray in Martin McDonagh’s dark comedy-drama “In Bruges,” which earned him critical acclaim for his surprisingly nuanced performance. Here, Farrell delivers both moments of deep emotion and senseless violence with equal measure while never losing sight of the story’s wickedly funny tone.

After this success Colin once again challenged himself by entering into another genre – horror drama; such commitment should be rewarded! In “Hide” (2011) for instance, he displays some intense level of acting skills which leave audiences wondering how underappreciated his talent is.

Most recently, the immensely talented actor completely transformed himself to play Penguin in “Batman.” His total makeover included gaining weight and changing up his appearance to fully embody the character – yet again showcasing Colin’s dedication to taking on daunting roles that push him past stereotypes carved out by previous stereotypical acting jobs there may be that stick with him due previous characters he incarnated but true fans know how versatile he can be!

What is it that sets Colin Farrell apart? Beyond his undeniably magnetic on-screen presence, it’s his willingness to step outside of his comfort zone and take risks as an actor. From campy comedies to gritty thrillers, Farrell has done it all with style and grace.

In conclusion, Colin Farrell is a rare breed in Hollywood these days, demonstrating an acting range that few actors can match. His impressive body of work showcases his versatility and commitment to the craft, making him one of the most exciting performers in the industry. We cannot wait to see what he will do next!

Table with useful data:

Horrible Bosses Quote Movie
“You can bounce a quarter off that ass.” Horrible Bosses
“You want me to stick my dick in your mouth?” Horrible Bosses 2
“You’re gonna take your Pulitzer prize-winning dick out of your pants!” Horrible Bosses
“I’ll have my personal chef prepare you something.” Horrible Bosses
“You wanna be a big boy? Huh? Let’s have a big boy conversation.” Horrible Bosses 2

Information from an expert

As an expert in movie quotes, I can say that Colin Farrell’s portrayal of Bobby Pellitt in “Horrible Bosses” is filled with memorable one-liners. Some of the most notable quotes include “You look like someone glued a mustache to a turd” and “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you over your breathing. Do you have asthma?’ These lines perfectly capture the crude and offensive character Farrell embodies in the film, making him one of the most memorable bosses in recent cinematic history.

Historical fact:

As a notable quote from the dark comedy film “Horrible Bosses,” Colin Farrell’s character, Bobby Pellitt, famously declared, “I’m not a coked-up stripper, I’m an entrepreneur!” in 2011.

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10 Hilarious Colin Farrell Horrible Bosses Quotes That Will Solve Your Monday Blues [For Fans and Comedy Lovers]
10 Hilarious Colin Farrell Horrible Bosses Quotes That Will Solve Your Monday Blues [For Fans and Comedy Lovers]
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